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Goodbye 2009 hello 2010

2009 wasn’t awful and 2010 will be even better. But there is still a sense of loss and uncertainty that always escalates during the strange jump that occurs from the depth of twilight of one year to dawn of another, time travels in a way that is unpredictable, and the year ahead immediately strides towards you like a great giant wielding some unfortunate weapon, until you become diminished in size and daunted by it’s impressive vastness. But this vastness is a canvas that can stretch to infinite proportions, like elastic, in a way that is unconstrained, devoid of anything… only possibility.

To find an object that encapsulates change and describes the passage of time would be intresting. The icicle is one such object, composed of water, it drips constantly and with a cadence that measures it’s melting, to the point when it is non-existent, merely a puddle of water that later evaporates. The year that is behind us is like that, although it has melted into nothingness, it still remains vivid in our minds, and with the new year stretching ahead, we have already started the dipping of another icicle, shaped differently, and let it’s drips resonate in time with our heartbeat.

Image: An insignificant icicle - in my garden.

Image: An insignificant icicle – in my garden.

As you have most likely guessed – we have a great deal to learn from 2009, and by looking at our experiences over the previous year we can often see that huge fissures and cracks that opened themselves and claimed to be perilous anxieties are now, merely miniscule bubbles – severely diminished in size, not unlike the tiny imperfections that manifest themselves on the skin or the minute bubbles of air that appear inside the icicle itself. By looking carefully at the icicle, we can learn things, we can learn of the imperfections in nature and their resonance in the larger scheme of things. In other words we can use the cliched phrase: “It allows you to get perspective on things.”

As I ask myself the obvious question: what was best in 2009? I should also consider, ludicrous as it may be, what is best in the formation of this icicle? You can probably answer yourself. After all, the year can carry a multitude of experiences with it. The icicle provides the answer, and the icicle is 2009, however weird that may appear.