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How our art can become scattered around us


This torn and rather neglected picture was found discarded in the bathroom. One day I glanced down at my own alter-ego staring back at me with a little suprise and then excitement that a piece of myself, a scattering of my art had found itself in an entirely different place. How startling it is to realise that all around you representations of yourself are staring up at you.


Another “Dread” maybe slightly too late

Is it the indefatigable efforts made by Hollywood to always repeat ridiculously successful films with new iterations of the same film with concerningly similar titles, or merely a chance for others to try and better the hugely successful, award winning DreadHere, I am drawing parallels between my first film, shot in 2004, in the barn beside my house and edited on my home computer to a 2010, newly released feature entitled under the identical name, that appears on the iTunes site.

Six years later, Dread returns it’s ghoulish head, with new energy, this time, however the terror is portrayed in a more appropriate 18 rating, which guarantees undeniable terror, unlike it’s feeble counterpart. Having not yet watched this new version it is difficult to gauge it’s similarities. The title and the font seem largely identical, however the similarities end here: while my film Dread is the fantasy quest for a lost amulet, with unconscious resemblances to the Lord of the Rings trilogy – I was only 13 at the time! – this new incarnation seems profoundly more disturbing, hence it’s eighteen-ness.



A poster text blowup illustrates the similarities between the font used in this 2010 film, Dread – Lionsgate UK Ltd, copyright MMIX Cinema Three SPV1 Ltd, and my 2004 film with the same title.


Myself shooting my film entitled, Dread, in 2004 when I was 13 years old.