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End of an era


The rose is turning away from the light, relinquishing its fascination with its very potent companion. While the daylight draws the feeblest outdoors with far from inscrutable magnetism, while plants live on its rays – their fragile stems and leaves displayed quivering and outstretched under its power, as if praying; the rose, strong and healthy shields itself from it. Its head, a majestic red crown adorned with the fascination of the light’s elusivity, droops, relentlessly defying such inescapable ambiguity, and longing to escape its evasive quality. Instead it turns with the profound apprehension to the uncertain darkness. Yet one leaf turns back, hesitating, as if it desires one glance at the previous world, one glance at the certain. This leaf protrudes itself from the rest of the flower, like a child that is being carried, screaming away from its parents that is turning back with longing eyes for that last awkward glance. Or perhaps it is the soldier leaving his comrades; as he turns with apparent confidence, one hand betrays his inclination, signifying a hint of hesitation, with one motion of the hand his body has easily rid itself of determination. The rose reflects the same unconscious disposition, the curve of its body seems unwilling, and while its head is bowed towards the dark, it is still struck by a glimmer of light.

The rose is turning away from an era, as I turn away from mine. It is uncertain about the possibility, it is uncertain about the darkness, and the knowledge of the daylight seems unquestionably comfortable. It doesn’t know what awaits in the future of the darkness beyond. It doesn’t know whether the darkness is but a small fluctuation in some prevalent light.

The rose was given to me by a child from Class 1 at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School. The rose signifies not only the transience of our lives but also an indication of optimistic simplicity.


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