Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Bridge in the Dwindling Light


As the light was dwindling rapidly, I managed to catch some of it’s last vibrancy in this photograph of a bridge at Aberlady.

The photograph was created using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique and was my first successful image captured with my brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I was a fascinated by the diversity of colours, the rough wooden texture of the bridge, and the slightly turquoise shadows. Shot on a wide angle lens at 24mm, F4.0, I was able to capture to curvature and structure of a large amount of the bridge, while simultaneously focusing on the detail and texture. The depth of field also focuses the eyes towards the point of interest, while the background is able to melt subtly.

The Significance of the Insignificant

The Significance of the Insignificant from Ad Howells on Vimeo.

The intention of this experimental piece was to explore the rarely seen elements of nature and elevate their status to a point beyond their everyday insignificance. It was important that the minutiae, and the triviality of a piece of sheep’s wool, or the single strand of a spider’s web could be magnified to the point of great importance. The rhythms induced by the wind on these delicate objects, and their quivering motion, juxtaposed with the hard, definite solidity of a bridge was particularly fascinating. The dichotomy between the fragile and the strong was exemplified in this way.

A key aspect to this video was to explore the characteristics of shooting on the Canon 5D Mark II’s full-frame sensor and utilising its extraordinary shallow depth-of-field capabilities, that were particularly suited to this project.

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with L-Series glass, postproduction completed in FCP, Soundtrack Pro, and grading in Apple Color.