The website and blog of the independent filmmaker and photographer.

Film and Television graduate from Edinburgh University, Edinburgh College of Art.

Ad Howells, 2013.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Philip Davenport

    Dear Ad

    A little note to say thanks for yr writeup of The Dark Would show, which I curated. It’s a deeply-felt and deeply-thought piece, which I was delighted to read; I’ve passed it onto many of the artists concerned and Summerhall have also promoted it. I do hope that you pick up some extra readers – it’s unusual to get such a carefully detailed exploration in an age of soundbytes.

    One point I’d like to mention: Richard Barrett didn’t make the quilt piece, it is a collaboration between arts organisation arthur+martha and homeless people in Manchester. Richard simply wrote the commentary on the piece that we used on the label in the exhibition. Sorry for any confusion there – if it’s possible it’d be grand if you could correct that detail because this piece is very important to the makers and I’d like to send them a link to yr blog.

    Kindest wishes and thanks again

    1. adhowells Post author

      Dear Philip,

      Thanks very much for your message. I am really pleased that the review has been recognised and picked up which was a pleasant surprise, and I certainly hope it helps show an appreciation of the extraordinary exhibition which I thoroughly enjoyed and also supplements the promotion and appreciation of it. Thanks for drawing my attention to those previously incorrect details that have now been updated as suggested. It was a pleasure to hear from you.

      Best regards,
      Ad Howells.


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