Dancing to nothing

Dancing_to_nothing_poster (1 of 1)

Dancing to nothing (2013) 

Written and directed by Ad Howells.

Short film.

Run time: 20 minutes.

Film synopsis 

“Dancing to nothing” tells the story of Katie, a profoundly deaf, isolated art student who confronts her condition when she meets street violinist and musician Zack who inspires her to transform her experiences through painting and art. Through a series of momentary encounters in this fantasied relationship, Katie finds a reconciliation with herself through the cathartic empowerment of dance, and realises that the beauty of music resides in her own imagination. Katie’s internal journey, shown through her sensations and the cognitive sensibilities of sight, hearing, and touch, explores how the senses as evocations of desire transform us viscerally. In an anamorphosis of memory, envisionment and reality, Katie’s disempowered, fractured identity, is restored in her interior mental dance to the oblivion of nothing, where she finds a form of transcendence from her disability.

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